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Note:  MOAA Meetings will be held at the Patriot's Landing   unless otherwise noted.  Social Time starts at 1200, the Buffet at 1230 is $17.50/person and Program starts at o/a 1300.

For all reservations or information contact Jerry Jackson at gerald.jackson1@comcast.net or 253.565.6409, Steven Schenk at steven.schenk@comcast.net, or Chris Guppy at guppyc@comcast.net.

Remember, when making a reservation, your word is your bond.


15 April 2018:  Mr. Michael Tadych, Director of the Veterans Administration Puget Sound Health Care System. 


20 May 2018:  LTC Erik Dye, USA, Professor of Military Science, Pacific Lutheran University, will discuss his Reserve Officer’s Training Corps program, and ROTC commissioning challenges and opportunities in 2018. 


15 June 2018:   AUSA's Annual Shotgun Golf Tournament.


24 June 2018:   Patriot's Landing Brunch.  Program TBD the third Sunday, 17th is Father's Day.


20 July 2018:  Rainier Game at Cheney Stadium.


If you have ideas for programs you think the chapter would enjoy, contact Steven Schenk at steven.schenk@comcast.net or 253-307-7208.


For A Reservation For Any Of the Above Events

Steve Schenk, Director

Here are a few pictures from Chapter events

This Year's ROTC/JROTC

Baseball with the Rainiers

Summer Picnic at Tall Firs JBLM

February and March Birthdays

2/1  Lonnie Lai

2/1  Joseph Lewis

2/2  Richard Mackey

2/4  Dorothy Weichseldorfer

2/5  Thomas O'Ban

2/7  Joan Brown (Wife)

2/7  William Cargill

2/8  Tatiano Saxe

2/10  Jennifer Willis

2/11  Lucretia Drangstvelt

2/13  Jerome Hoban 

2/16  Kenton Deich

2/18  Otis Hollar

2/18  Paul Wood

2/19  Carl Bayha

2/19 Joseph Quinn

2/20  David Eck

2/20  Hans Zeiger

2/23  Chung Sugaya

2/24  Sherri Eck

2/25  Nancy Hart

2/26  Carolyn Cubert 

3/1   Carolyn Epling

3/7   Robert Reilly

3/11 Robert Potter

3/13 Chris Guppy

3/13 Mike Winkler

3/14 Jay Cash

3/14 Stanley Haskins

3/14 Priscilla Huber

3/15 Otto Petersen

3/18 Wayne Agness 

3/18 Joseph Ferluga

3/19 Fukujo Kosy Smith

3/22 Holmes Benge

3/26 Richard Lund

3/28 James Cheatham

3/30 Duane Hardesty

3/30 Jack Joy